kareer is a service of Kare Partners. kareer was developed to solve the critical clinical resourcing needs of healthcare companies through a technology enabled service platform that provides direct world-wide access to clinical talent.

For over 10 years, Kare Partners recruited internationally to obtain scarce resources for its own rehabilitation clinics and to resource client partners on a contractual basis; healthcare companies including home health, hospitals and long term care institutions. The contract model employed by Kare served the resource needs of its client partners, often in hard to staff geographies. Healthcare companies utilized this model for procuring international resources, choosing to outsource rather than manage the complex processes of international recruiting to qualification, examinations, license and visas. kareer continues to provide the contract service as a Contract to Hire Model, that allows the healthcare company to have an option to hire the clinician at contract end.

However, due to continuing pressure on reimbursements and escalating costs in providing care, our client partners requested a lower cost solution for engaging internationally educated clinicians. kareer solves this problem.

kareer gives US employers and international clinicians a technology enabled resource management platform which automates much of the business process, data and document management needed to move a clinician from their home country to the US, licensed and ready to work.

The platform enables the current successful contract services business model, and it also enables the process by which a healthcare company can directly hire an international clinician. So, when they arrive in the US, they are a direct employee of the healthcare company. In addition to the technology platform, healthcare companies and clinicians are guided by an expert kareer’s staff with extensive international recruiting experience. The staff maintains its knowledge by participating in an eco-system of on-going cultural, foreign and US regulatory changes surrounding successful international work force acquisition and management.

Now, a healthcare company has choice. Let kareer do the hiring and be the responsible employer under a contract to hire model, and enjoy the services of a well qualified, dedicated clinician who can ultimately be their employee or immediately get a direct employee and enjoy the benefits of a lower total cost of ownership model.